Side by Side - You’re only young once … Vinyl, 7", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP, Reissue, Repress, 2nd Press

$ 80.00

Second Pressing:
This is generally referred to as the "second pressing", although it was actually recut and pressed now for the first time by a completely different pressing plant and from new plates. Technically this would be the first pressing of this new version of the release, but no one seems to refer to it as that. 2,000 copies were pressed on black vinyl. The side A center labels on this version are silver with black text. The cover is a fold-over cover that looks exactly like the first pressing, except that it opens up from the bottom, instead of at the top. The release also includes a double-sided folded Side By Side insert and a double sided Revelation Records insert.

Complete title is: "You're Only Young Once... ...Don't Fuck It Up".

✱ "You're Only Young Once" is dedicated in memory of Tom Granfield and Edina Schulman.

© 1988 Side By Side.

Release number appears as:
REVELATION:5 (back cover, Side By Side insert, Revelation Records insert)
5 (center label)