Our History

The Timebomb spot has firmly established itself as a leader and essential player in the fashion, music, and art community. For the past 12 years the Timebomb Spot has been a world class source for the latest and hottest in urban apparel as well as the industries most up to date mix tapes and DVD’s.

From the beginning, Timebomb’s founder and owner Brian Brick, A.K.A., “Brick Diggler” A.K.A. Mr. “Get Your Life Right” has been involved in underground movements that revolve around the raw street edge and urgency of urban culture. While being involved in the emerging New York hardcore music movement of the late 1980′s Brick was also solidifying his reputation as the central figure in the Pittsburgh Graffiti Art Scene. His longtime connections to the key people in the New York Graffiti scene combined with his fearless creativity and self appointed braggin’ rights made it impossible to mention Pittsburgh Graffiti Art without mentioning Brian Brick. While his hardcore band was doin’ shows all over the country The Battered Citizens and Timebomb Crew names could be seen on walls all over the city. Brick is no stranger to takin’ underground movements to the next level. He began the Timebomb spot in 1995 and immediately became Pittsburgh’s hub for graffiti apparel, magazines, videos, and clothing designed by Graffiti Artists. Do names like Ecko and Tribal sound familiar? Well, long before you could see Ecko Brand Clothing in Department stores and Tribal wear in high profile magazine adds…you could find these artists callin’ Brick at Timebomb to help distribute their new T-shirt lines. Bein’ the guy with the hottest graffiti videos, caps, magazines, and real time rep to match caused Brian Brick and Timebomb to give birth to generations of Graffiti writers. However, the street rep doesn’t stop there. Always a fan of Hip-Hop and steadily reppin’ his ELQ hood’, Brick always stayed up to date with what was literally “Hot in the streets.” During the late 1990′s artists like Mark Ecko we’re transforming T-shirt lines into full fledged clothing lines. Rapper Jay-Z and industry mogul Russel Simmons were using their names to brand clothing lines with Roca-Wear and Phat Farm. The Timebomb Spot had already built up impeccable relationships with clothing distributors and high profile artists that put them in the perfect position to give the streets the latest fashions they wanted which were now comin’ directly out of the hip-hop industry.

The growth in product direction was also accompanied by the the growth and relocation of the store itself…Starting out as a small storefront in Bloomfield a.k.a. “Little Italy”, Timebomb took its new wave of fashion and culture to a bigger and more visible location. During the late 1990′s and early 2000′s Timebomb expanded its presence through fashion shows, in store hip-hop shows, and celebrity guest appearances to accompany the more high profile location in the east liberty shady-side corridor. The new wave was in full gear as artists like Green Lantern and Ghost Face Killah’ stopped through Timebomb while on tour, rubbin’ shoulders with local taste makers, gear heads, DJ’s, Graffiti writers, and emcees. At the same time New York DJ’s such as Tony Touch, Doo Wop, and Clue were beginning national distribution of mixtapes that would cement mixtapes as an essential part of hip-hop promotion it still is today. Once again Brick and Timbomb were in the right place at the right time to bring the people the latest mixtapes direct from the source. By maintaining key relationships with mix tape DJ’s and music industry insiders, Timebomb has helped strengthen the national networks of DJ’s like Kay Slay and Big Mike while providing the latest and hottest mixtapes the moment the shit drops!!!

With the whole city recognizin’ the Timebomb Spot as a trendsetter, it has continued to be a platform for the newest and hottest in local and international urban trends. Artists such as Fast Eddie Productions, The G.O.V. and Wiz Khalifa have developed and maintained their street Buzz with the help of The Timebomb Spot, while clothing lines such as Evisu and Crooks & Castles distribute through Timebomb exclusively in Pittsburgh, Pa. Now the premier urban designer boutique in the Pittsburgh area Timebomb has relocated for a third era in the existence of a Pittsburgh tradition. The new location places Timebomb along the southwest corner of over a 100 million dollars in commercial development within the Penn Circle area. However, Timebomb maintains its reputation for cutting edge urban culture while continuing to rely on word of mouth and customer satisfaction as the foundation that has taken the Timebomb movement into the future. GET UR LIFE RIGHT GET UR LIFE RIGHT GET UR LIFE RIGHT GET UR LIFE RIGHT