Black Flag - Nervous Breakdown SST-001 ,Vinyl ,7“, EP ,45 RPM, V 6 1984

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RELEASE: Unknown quantity pressed around the year 1983 or 1984. This is the last version with the pink labels.

SLEEVE: Red ink on white gloss paper sleeve. Artist - Raymond Pettibon's artwork on front and back is exactly the same as the 5th Pressing. The sleeve is cut in an upward arch across the top edge of the front and a crescent downward across the back top edge. It has no bar code.

LABEL: Color is fuchsia pink in color and has about the same matte finish as the 5th Version, “Arial Font” is used for the word “Records” and the “R” and “E” in the word “Records” DO NOT touch.

VINYL: 7”, Black, big hole, deadwax runout has “SST 001-A L-19417” on side A and “SST 001-B L-19417-X” on side B.


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